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“I tripled my income this pandemic. What I made in one full year is less than what I made in less than 6 months this year. I went from no business to landing high-ticket clients after Satwinder’s training. I am so grateful to Satwinder! Her Akashic Training helped me with my business and most importantly, change my life – for better. I was unhappy, dissatisfied and stuck before working with Satwinder. Everything changed once she taught me how to tap into my power using Akasha and I instantly started seeing the ripple effect in my business. This is powerful stuff. I highly recommend Satwinder!”

“I made $85k in less than 6 months…”

Kristina W.

Lawyer, USA

“Satwinder’s Akashic Training has been pivotal in my success! After taking her training, I found the kind of clarity I’d never known. I worked as a costume designer, primary school treacher, and a 100 other things before I finally found my calling and inner assurance once I learnt how to tap into the Akashic vortex. It just mould you in a way that amplifies your commitment and conviction towards your success and you make it happen. Highly recommend Satwinder’s coaching and training!”

“I fast-tracked my business by 10 years…”


Intuitive Business Coach

Tap into the Untapped,

✦ Unearth and dismantle the deepest mindset blocks that keep you stuck and stranded​

Real, Deep-Rooted                           to witness


Long-Lasting Results

Because Long-Lasting Transformation is a result of :

✦ Protect and Manage your energy so that you know how to unhook and recover from energy drains 

✦ Resolve Innate Behavioral Conflicts

✦ Develop the confidence to trust your instinct and connect it to your mission 

✦ Achieve and Enable Emotional Agility by identifying, resolving and uprooting negative patterns

✦ Investigate Soul-level Energy blocks and Restrictive Bottlenecks that hinder growth

✦ Reconstruct Energy Matrix to untangle ancestral belief systems in order to heal fully

✦ Activate Energetic Realignment to clear trauma from collective consciousness

Real, Deep-Rooted

 to witness

Become the vessel for higher energies

using the

Soul  Mastery®





peace prosperity wealth abundance profits success

✦ Learn to heal your fears
✧ Heal your money story
✦ Overcome your resistance
✧ Expand your capacity to receive
✦ Make aligned decisions 
✧ Run a soul-aligned, balanced and successful Life.
✦ Discover the untapped possibilites to heal the most stuborn wounds. 

✦ Emotional agility
✧ Resolve innate behavior
✦ Eradicate negative patterns
✧ Trauma based approach
✦ Move from wounded to warrior archetype
✧ Identify limiting beliefs & mindset blocks
✦ Clear & heal core wounds like shame, guilt, & betrayal

✦ Clear ancestral imprints
✧ Heal the misconception around sexual power
✦ Overcome analysis paralysis
✧ Healing the perfectionist
✦ Embody and display confidence and trust
✧ Get in touch with your body
✦ Connect and embrace the truth

influence  + impact

awareness + intentions

intuition + purpose

Achieve Inner Mastery

Masculine Coaching Methods do not work for us Women because they:

feminine                       + archetype



✦ And we Women are not made for this. We’re not built for this.




✦ Are transactional and these surface-level tactics are temporary and expensive in the long run.

✦ We Rule to Thrive.

✦ Do not teach you how to recognize and shift in your energetic realm to move past your blocks and trauma.

✦ Exhaust you with the rush hour mindset and soul-damaging time heist.

✦ We are Queens of Peace who know why it’s crucial to Heal.

✦ Do not Activate Energetic Realignment to clear trauma from collective consciousnes

+ Energy


Heyy, I’m


I help spiritually conscious women like you, untwist life using feminine energy healing based model.

Because traditional coaching methods that end at marketing tactics and sales blueprints leave you unfulfilled and feeling craving for closure.

We women are different..

Our needs are different..

We heal different.

That’s why I integrate feminine spirituality, archetype psychology & Energy healing to enable deep-rooted transformation and unshakable confidence so that you love your life and work without feeling drained!


Become fearless, and Tap into the

Quantum Shift

Private Mentoring with Simon Isser

Radian renewal

A Sanctuary for Emotional Healing 


Intuition and Beyond - Mastery certification




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